Dongzhimen (2010)


国家/地区: 中国
类型: 纪录片, 家庭, 短片
导演: Kamiljan Abdukerim
编剧: N/A

语言: N/A
演员: N/A
片长: 40 分钟
奖项: N/A
又名: Dongzhimen (中国)

剧情简介: In Dongzhimen, Beijing there is a community of Xinjiangese workers. To support themselves, some barbecue lamb kabob; others sell matang (walnut fruit loaf) or naan (flat bread). All of these workers were born in the countryside. Though most have never received an education and cannot speak Chinese they chose to leave their families and villages behind, come to Beijing, and try their best to make a decent living. For more than decade they have persevered; no matter how hard their lives were. This documentary is about the lives of these Xinjiangese workers. It focuses on five people; their experiences in Beijing, their joys and their pain.