Just to Be Sure (2017)


6.7 (1659)

国家/地区: 比利时, 法国
类型: 喜剧, 剧情
上映日期: 2017-09-06
导演: Carine Tardieu
编剧: Baya Kasmi , Michel Leclerc , Raphaële Moussafir

语言: French
演员: François Damiens , Cécile de France , Guy Marchand , André Wilms
片长: 100 分钟
奖项: 1 win & 4 nominations
又名: Eine bretonische Liebe (德国) , Ôtez-moi d\'un doute , Ôtez-moi d\'un doute (法国) , Szerelem tesztelve (匈牙利) , Kesher mishpakhti (以色列) , Toglimi un dubbio (意大利) , Избавь меня от сомнений (俄罗斯) , Ôtez-moi d\'un doute (加拿大) , Quiero estar seguro (墨西哥) , Sácame de dudas (西班牙) , Just To Be Sure (澳大利亚) , Just to Be Sure (加拿大) , Eine bretonische Liebe (奥地利) , Just to Be Sure , Za svaki slučaj (克罗地亚) , Για καλό και για κακό (希腊) , Só Para Ter a Certeza (葡萄牙) , Emin Olmak İçin (土尔其)

剧情简介: Erwan, an unshakable mine-clearing expert, suddenly loses his footing when he learns that his father is not his father. Despite all the tenderness he feels for the man who raised him, Erwan discreetly sets out to learn more about and to find his father. He turns out to be an elderly and very endearing man named Joseph, who Erwan becomes fond of. As good things come in pairs, Erwan crosses paths with the elusive Anna, who he undertakes to seduce. But one day when he pays Joseph a visit, Erwan realizes that Anna is in fact his half-sister. This bomb is even harder to defuse because his adoptive father now suspects that Erwan is hiding something from him.