Zie mij graag (2017)


7.7 (122)

国家/地区: 比利时
类型: 剧情
上映日期: 2017-02-21
导演: N/A
编剧: N/A

语言: Dutch
演员: Alejandra Theus , Stan Van Samang , Ini Massez , Tine Embrechts , Wouter Bruneel , Mo Bakker , Kes Bakker , Tom Ternest , Eva Binon , Alycia-Emma Metdepenningen
片长: 30 分钟
奖项: 1 win & 1 nomination
又名: Zie Mij Graag (比利时) , Zie Mij Graag , Please, Love Me

剧情简介: Though she sometimes feels like pulling the blankets over her head and staying there, Anna tries to embrace her new life with enthusiasm. Supported by her two best friends, Saskia and Nicole, and the essential Shapewear, she steps out full of courage, looking for a new balance in her life and, who knows, perhaps a new Prince Charming. Meanwhile, Ben is struggling with his own problems, along with his best friend, Gunther, Saskia\'s husband.