En amont du fleuve (2016)


5.7 (113)

国家/地区: 比利时, 克罗地亚, 荷兰
类型: 冒险, 剧情
上映日期: 2016-11-30
导演: Marion Hänsel
编剧: Hubert Mingarelli

语言: French | English | Croatian
演员: Olivier Gourmet , Sergi López , John Lynch , Igor Kovac
片长: 90 分钟
奖项: N/A
又名: Río arriba (西班牙) , En amont du fleuve (加拿大) , Flussaufwärts (德国) , En amont du fleuve (比利时) , Stromaufwärts (德国) , En amont du fleuve , Upstream

剧情简介: On board a little tub of a boat, Homer en Joé, both in their 50s, sail up a river in the remote borderlands of Croatia. Until recently they were not aware of the other\'s existence. Then their father died: they turned out to be half-brothers. They go in search of the place their father has been found with a bullet in his head. Was it murder? Suicide? Homer, the oldest, owns a transportation company in Belgium. He has never known his father, not even his name. His mother was abandoned by his father when she was pregnant. He would like to get to know from his brother the kind of man his procreator was. Joé is a writer of novels and was raised by his father. He has little desire however in saying something about him. On their journey the two brothers encounter Sean, an enigmatic Irish adventurer who lives in the area. Which activities is he engaged in and what exactly does he know? Does he also tell them the truth about their father\'s death?