What Life Means (2015)


国家/地区: 危地马拉, 海地, 墨西哥, Moldova, Mongolia, Uganda, 英国, 美国
类型: 纪录片
导演: Lauren Anders Brown
编剧: N/A

语言: English
演员: N/A
片长: 70 分钟
奖项: N/A
又名: The Checklist Effect , The Checklist Effect (危地马拉) , What Life Means

剧情简介: A documentary exploring how people are living longer, how more people will be subject to undergoing surgery in these lives, and how this increase has quietly created a crisis in surgery globally. The documentary explores the lives and cultures of people all over the world subject to this, and how a simple checklist can be the difference between life an death on an operating table.