Henry & Verlin (1996)


6.3 (119)

国家/地区: 加拿大
类型: 剧情
上映日期: 1997-01-08
导演: Gary Ledbetter
编剧: Ken Ledbetter , Jean Stawarz , Nika Rylski , Susan Mackie , Chloé Shard

语言: English
演员: Gary Farmer , Keegan MacIntosh , Nancy Beatty , Robert Joy
片长: 87 分钟
奖项: 4 wins & 4 nominations
又名: Henry & Verlin , Henry und Verlin (德国) , Henry & Verlin (加拿大) , Henry i Verlin (波兰) , Eyes That Went Away (加拿大) , Henry ja Verlin (芬兰)

剧情简介: Verlin is 9 years old and does not talk, nor does he even seem to hear. Henry, a child-like adult, befriends Verlin and pulls him from his shell. Verlin\'s mother mistrusts Henry, who she feels is dangerous. Eventually, Henry\'s family is convinced that he should be placed in an institution. Henry\'s sudden disappearance from Verlin\'s world drives him deeper into himself.