The Odyssey (1992)


8.2 (706)

国家/地区: 加拿大
类型: 冒险, 剧情, 家庭
上映日期: 2020-08-13
导演: N/A
编剧: Warren Easton , Paul Vitols

语言: English
演员: Illya Woloshyn , Ashleigh Aston Moore , Tony Sampson , Janet Hodgkinson , Andrea Nemeth , Mark Hildreth , Jeremy Radick , Dwight Koss
片长: 30 分钟
奖项: 6 wins & 6 nominations
又名: Odyssee ins Traumland (德国) , Resan i det okända (瑞典) , The Odyssey (加拿大) , L\'odyssée fantastique (法国) , La odisea (西班牙) , L\'odyssée imaginaire (法国) , Den eventyrlige reisen (挪威) , The Odyssey

剧情简介: Following an accident, young Jay Ziegler falls into a coma. While his family and friends must continue their lives in the Real World, Jay finds himself in the magical Downworld on a quest to return home.