Toto Forever (2010)


8.5 (46)

国家/地区: 西班牙, 美国
类型: 剧情, 爱情, 短片
上映日期: 2011-01-29
导演: Roberto F. Canuto
编剧: Xiaoxi Xu

语言: English
演员: Kylan James , Kjord Davis , Diana Grivas , Alexander Aguila
片长: 14 分钟
奖项: 1 win & 4 nominations.
又名: Toto Para Siempre (西班牙) , Siempre Toto , Toto Forever (西班牙) , Toto zauvek , Toto Forever , Toto navzdy (捷克)

剧情简介: \"Toto Forever\" tells the impossible love story between a young postmen, that dreams with a new life, and a gangster, that is in deep trouble with a mafia group. Toto will never lose the \"hope\", despite of the traumatic end of the affair. Filmed in 16mm, Toto Forever is a fable in which feelings and emotions are always fully exposed, with a very poetic and symbolic narrative and aesthetic very close to the Anime Japanese.